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Partnerships, also known as joint ventures, have proven to be very effective business strategies!

Our capital, considered discount venture capital, often provide the equity needed by growing businesses, allowing them to make profits in the shorter term and ensuring their viability.

Do you need capital? Does your business need help? Are you an inventor or a web designer with a good idea but lacking the capital needed to go forward?

A partnership/financing combination could be considered and presented in a financing proposal, which will be submitted to you with no obligation on your part and with no advance fees payable, following an analysis of your business plan.

Over the years, we have helped many companies in Quebec, Canada and around the world achieve their goals. Don’t hesitate to send us your business plan. We will study it and get back to you at our earliest convenience, free of charge.


"Many low- and modest-income households cannot obtain a traditional mortgage because they do not have sufficient savings or income to make a down payment. It is possible to help these households by providing them with a down payment loan that will make them eligible for a traditional mortgage loan. The down payment loan must be repaid after a pre-determined period of time, at the end of which the appreciation in the value of the property or the increase in household income should normally allow for refinancing. In the meantime, the loan lowers the income threshold for obtaining a mortgage loan. »

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"You can also finance your down payment from so-called non-traditional sources, which CMHC says include any funds, as long as there is no arm's length relationship with the purchase or sale of the property. They can... come from your own credit, such as a loan, line of credit or credit card. »

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"At Genworth Canada, we understand that it is sometimes difficult to set aside the down payment required for a new home. Genworth Canada's Down Payment Mortgage Insurance Program allows you to start creating equity in your own home without having to save for years."

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