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Barcelona Capital Inc. is a diversified independent private company.

Drawing on our legacy and inspired by our business success, in order to diversify, we invest in different companies.

Just as we have succeeded in demonstrating our financing know-how, we also take calculated risks by working with the industry’s best managers. Since 2005, our investments have earned us above-market returns.

Inspired by the success of the unique home ownership program, which offers down payment support and financing, we make investments involving shares that are different, carefully considered and profitable.

By purchasing shares in companies or chartered banks, we find the right balance between risk and return. We invest mostly, but not exclusively, in the finance and real estate sectors.

These investments are in Quebec, Canadian and foreign companies alike. We sometimes hold majority shares, and sometimes a smaller number. We invest for both the short and long term.

Since we don’t require government funding and because Barcelona Capital’s securities are not traded on stock exchanges, we are not exposed to the constraints imposed by government bodies regulating investments. This allows us to make profitable decisions more quickly than our competitors.


"Many low- and modest-income households cannot obtain a traditional mortgage because they do not have sufficient savings or income to make a down payment. It is possible to help these households by providing them with a down payment loan that will make them eligible for a traditional mortgage loan. The down payment loan must be repaid after a pre-determined period of time, at the end of which the appreciation in the value of the property or the increase in household income should normally allow for refinancing. In the meantime, the loan lowers the income threshold for obtaining a mortgage loan. »

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"You can also finance your down payment from so-called non-traditional sources, which CMHC says include any funds, as long as there is no arm's length relationship with the purchase or sale of the property. They can... come from your own credit, such as a loan, line of credit or credit card. »

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"At Genworth Canada, we understand that it is sometimes difficult to set aside the down payment required for a new home. Genworth Canada's Down Payment Mortgage Insurance Program allows you to start creating equity in your own home without having to save for years."

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